3 Gifts for Mom that Will Empower Her Life

Moms make the world go round. They are the daily heroes that comfort, advise, empower, and invest in us. They mold us into the generations that will inherit and become caretakers of the future. They are superhuman creatures of beauty, resilience, and strength that know how to tackle life with courage and grace. This Mother’s Day, honor your mom with a gift that enriches and empowers her.

1 > A Pass to a Class

Identity crisis is a real hurdle every mom has to tackle. The responsibility for another human life can overwhelmingly define a mother to the point where separation of self and child can become a very fine line. She grew you inside of her for nine months, for heaven sake! So, be patient if her lack of boundaries can be frustrating at times. Invest in her like she’s invested in you. Give her a monthly pass to a class of some sort. Help her rediscover herself as an empowered woman. Give her the opportunity to try something new she’s always been interested in or has been too intimidated to attempt. It could be a painting class. It could be yoga. It could be kickboxing. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that will encourage her to step out of her comfort zone and reconnect with her fierceness. She’ll thank you for it someday.

2 > A Super Suit

We want our mothers to be around for a long time and giving them an incentive to workout is a gift that keeps giving. You’d be amazed at how motivating a cute new tank top or tennis shoes can be. Sometimes, all we need is a nudge of encouragement and moms are no different. If you want to make this gift idea even more special, get her geared up and then take her for a surprise walk around the park or a beautiful hike. Get her moving again. Not only will she get healthy and strong, but this will set your mind at rest concerning her health, ensuring you she’ll be around for all those important moments in your life.

3 > Svêlo

Moms are so busy! They go a million miles an hour and sometimes taking care of themselves takes a backseat to taking care of everyone else. Give her the gift of Svêlo. Not only will you help her take care of herself with the packed nutrients of Svêlo, but you’ll also help her lose weight, stay healthy, and gain the energy she needs to enjoy motherhood at her own speed.

Mother’s Day can get overlooked or under-celebrated, just like our moms. This Mother’s Day, gifts for mom should encourage her to take care of herself. Give your mom a gift that will empower her as a woman, whether that be a fun pass to a class, a cute workout outfit, or a powerful health shake like Svêlo.

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