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Summer is Here, But Winter Is Coming: An Easy Weight Loss Plan That’s Fun

The sun is shining, the swimming pools are clorinating, and you are debating whether or not to put on your swimsuit. Do it! Cannonball into that swimming pool with pride! Flaunt your cellulite like a battle scar. Why? Because weight loss isn’t instant and you can’t afford to not enjoy life despite your imperfections. Here are three important things you should do to help you begin an easy weight loss plan that’s fun.

1 > Love Yourself As Is

Half the battle to losing weight is earning the trust of your body so that it will cooperate with you. Say what?! Yes. You heard me. If we treated our bodies like we would a small child, our self-talk would change drastically and immediately. You would never say to a child, “You’re too fat for your clothes.” You would never shame your body. You would say, “I love you, just as you are. I’m thankful for what you do for me.” You would go to bed earlier, eat better, and buy the right size of dress rather than saying, “I’ll buy you that when you lose 10 pounds.” Love yourself as you are. Change your self-talk immediately. Be kinder. The imperfections you see tell a story and, with your choices, that story can change.

2 > Pursue Your Bliss

Want an easy weight loss plan? Pursue your bliss. Do things that bring you joy. When your mind and body are happy, the weight has a tendency to fall off. You shed the weight of the world as well as pounds. Go dancing! Hike the mountains. Play tennis or frisbee or soccer or anything that gets you moving. Try out yoga. Do something! You are what you think, so if you think I’m too old or I’m too sick or I’m too busy, then you are. Change your self-talk and pursue your bliss. Just keep trying, and it will get easier.

3 > Take Advantage of Svêlo

There are so many advantages to Svêlo that can enhance your weight loss efforts. Not only is it an appetite suppressant shake, but it is also packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals that will give you extra energy, as well as the nutrients you need to change your life and shed weight. Take advantage of Svêlo so that you can enhance your efforts and see results quicker.

An easy weight loss plan is not impossible. It’s as simple as loving yourself as you are, pursuing your bliss, and taking advantage of Svêlo’s appetite-suppressing, metabolism-boosting chocolatey goodness. Make the changes you need to begin your weight loss today! Change your self-talk and go get some Svêlo to help you see results more quickly.


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