Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle

Nutriscience Naturals Produces Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle

The new Svêlo bottle is more durable, stronger, and chemical resistant than regular glass bottles.

NutriScience Naturals (NSN), the company behind the up-and-coming Svêlo shake is pleased to announce the production of an environmentally friendly and safe water bottle. The Svêlo bottle is a multi-purpose container that can be safely used for hot or cold shakes, soups, water, juices, etc. NSN Chief Marketing Officer, Cory Keate, shares, “Our goal at NSN is to support active lifestyles with dependable products that keep pace with individuals and families.”

Keate emphasized that the material for the new Svêlo bottle was of extreme importance. “We spent countless hours researching materials that were durable and non-toxic.” NSN tested dozens of materials. Some bottles were quite durable, but chemical leaching was a concern; in other bottles, chemical leaching was not a problem, but durability was.

In the end, NSN selected a surprising material: Glass! But, this is no ordinary glass; it is high borosilicate glass. Wisegeek.org explains that high borosilicate glass has boric oxide added to it, which makes the glass resistant to extreme temperatures and also improves its resistance to chemical corrosion. This glass is very popular in the manufacture of scientific instruments.

“If it’s good enough for scientific instruments, we figure it will satisfy our conscientious Svêlo shake customers,” Keate proclaims. Along with its non-toxic properties, another benefit of the Svêlo bottle is that it is more durable than regular glass. It’s also the perfect companion for the Svêlo shake, a nutrient-rich, 100-calorie healthy lifestyle aid.

About NutriScience Naturals:

Quality has always been at the core of NutriScience Naturals (NSN). NSN is dedicated to crafting long-lasting, innovative products that improve an individual’s life every day. To accomplish this lofty goal, NSN manages and oversees the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final product.


Originally published here: https://marketersmedia.com/nutriscience-naturals-produces-environmentally-friendly-water-bottle/228568

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