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3 Reasons To Listen to Your Body & Throw Away Your Scale

People often treat their bodies like they might a loathsome mother-in-law: appease her with donuts or tune her out the best you can. Your fast-paced living demands you to focus on output and income rather than tuning in to listen to your body. You might be tempted to focus on upgrades rather than maintenance, but here’s the rub: this viewpoint just won’t work when it comes to your health. You can’t expect a bionic body in 10 years, even if our technology is evolving at an incredible rate. So, here are three reasons you should learn to listen to your body (and throw away your scale.)

Truth #1 > This is the only body you get.
It’s such a, “Well, duh!’ statement, but it also has the tendency to jump-start the “Oh, crap! You had to tell me this as I was stuffing my face with a cheeseburger?” type-of-panic. You don’t get a divorce, a trial basis, or a 30-day-money-back-guarantee with your body. It’s the one relationship you are stuck with, so you better wave the white flag now and begin forming a treaty post haste. You think your body is sabotaging you? Well, how are you treating it? Why does it want to revolt? Are you nagging your body into feelings of guilt or shame by stepping onto the scale on a routine basis? Knock it off! Quit smack-talking your weight and start focusing on treating yourself better. (And we don’t mean indulgence through fro-yo.) Go to bed earlier. Drink more water. Exercise! You know what to do, you’re just not doing it. Quit abusing yourself and start loving yourself. Listen to your body like you would a small child. It’s tired? Put it to bed. It’s hungry? Feed it healthy fuel. It’s restless? Go run around the block.

Truth #2 > Scales are backstabbing nit-pickers.
Scales are like a gossip column: they photoshop the flaws and don’t reflect the truth. What do we mean? Let us explain. Let’s say you have been starving yourself to lose those extra pounds. When you step on the scale, it may say you’re at a healthy weight, but the truth is photoshopped. That number may look great, but underneath that veneer is vitamin deficiency, failing organs, and brittle bones. What’s really healthy? Another scenario may be that you are exercising regularly and losing inches of fat, but the scale says you’ve GAINED weight! Muscle mass weighs heavier than fat, so even though you look great and feel great, the scale is going to say you’ve gotten fatter. You MUST learn to listen to your body, not the scale. Go throw the scale away and tune into your body.

Truth #3 > Feel good, look good.
If you feel good, chances are you look good, too. Nothing weighs heavier on the attractive scale than feeling happy and healthy. Listen to your body. Do the things that are going to make you feel good because dedication to those things will begin to reflect on your outward appearance as well. Dance like nobody’s watching. Eat fresh fruit. Sing in the shower. Do sit-ups while you watch a movie. If you want to look good, focus on feeling good. If you feel confident, happy, joyful, and healthy, you’ll LOOK confident, happy, joyful, and healthy. Tune out the sources trying to weigh you down and just listen to your body; it will tell you exactly what it wants and needs if you just listen to your body.

As you begin to listen to your body and act on what it tells you, you’ll begin to notice changes in your habits and in your health. You’ll begin to feel less stressed and more hopeful about life, you’ll begin to form more positive daily rituals, and you’ll want to tackle life with new enthusiasm. All that change can feel overwhelming at first. If you need a boost to help transform the way you listen to your body and take care of life, look no further. Svêlo will not only fuel your body with vitamins and minerals, but curb your cravings and boost your metabolism. Who needs a scale when you have Svêlo in your corner? Listen to your body and go get some Svêlo. Here’s to rebuilding the trust your body has in you! Cheers!

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