live life to the fullest

Apoca-lists and Road-Trips: Live Life to the Fullest

We all have those moments when we glimpse the rapidity of this fleeting human experience: A loved one dies, we experience an adrenaline rush, we fall in love. And in those moments, we feel a joyous type of panic. We realize how much we value life and we don’t want it to end. These moments can be paralyzing or transcendentally motivating. So, how do you make the transition from panic to adventure?

Step #1 > Create an Apoca-list

What is an apoca-list? We’re glad you asked. An apoca-list is a list of everything you want to experience before the apocalyptic ending of the world as you know it. Isn’t that just a bucket list? Yes. Essentially. However, an apoca-list seems to add a further sense of urgency to the vivid imagination. And isn’t that just what we need to live life to the fullest? A sense of urgency. A sense of using time well, not in a rush, but in a savoring appreciation. So, make your apoca-list. Don’t limit yourself with realistic expectations or shallow desires. Dig deep. Buy a journal specifically for your apoca-list. Cut out or print pictures and tape them in your journal next to your items. You can be as detailed as you want. If you need some ideas to springboard your sense of adventure, here are some of our favorites: Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, play with a baby elephant at a sanctuary in Thailand, learn how to flip a kayak, go to a Beyoncé concert, write a book. Go for it! Write it down. Set an intention.

Step #2 > Go for a Road-Trip

Action cures fear! Get out the door. Pack a backpack and go! Don’t stress so much about all the details. Be smart, but don’t over-think things. Just go do it! Most of the best stories and life lessons come from the unexpected chaos that ensues when you say yes and step out of your comfort zone. Embrace it. Laugh about it! Write it down. Tell a friend. Take a picture. Challenge yourself to cross as many items off your list as you can over the weekend. Take a friend with you and do something from both your lists. Make an adventure of it!

Svêlo wants you to live life to the fullest. We encourage being active, healthy, and happy. Take us with you on your road trip! We’ll help you stay healthy and energized so you can tackle your apoca-list with fervor. We want to hear all about how you live life to the fullest. Post your experiences in the comments below!

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