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Blockbusters & Cross-fit: A Superhero Workout in 3 Easy Steps

When you think of super heroes what pops into your mind? A tragic backstory? Bright colors and spandex? Radioactive science failures turned into spectacular, bionic successes? Or do you think: toned arms, defined abs, and sculpted legs? (Us, too.) Our second thought then becomes, “How can we get a superhero bod?” Have no fear, Svêlo is here! (With 3 easy steps to help you get cross-fit in your cross-trainers so you can fit into your spandex with pride.)



We know, we know. Ugh… WHY does everyone insist on push ups? (Psst… here’s a hint: THEY WORK!) You may roll your eyes, but soon you will be rollin’ out the muscles. We’ve even found a super-awesome website to help you train yourself so you can do 100 pushups. What? Yes! YOU! You can do 100 pushups. (Eventually, with consistency.) So, set an intention and get to work! Before you know it, people will begin mistaking you for Thor, the god of thunder.



Here’s another “trendy” workout. Why is it so popular? It works pretty much all your muscles at once, if you do it right. Be sure to keep your back flat, your stomach flexed and your legs straight. Set a timer for one minute and try to hold it. It can feel like an excruciatingly long minute, but we find it helps pass the time if you visualize yourself with rippling abs. Or imagine you’re holding the weight of a train and must not move or everyone on the train will die. That sounded morbid, but you get the idea. You want a superhero bod? Make it fun and visualize yourself accomplishing great feats of strength and bravery as you practice these moves. What seems like routine will evolve into a superhero workout and a superhero bod.



We bet you weren’t expecting that one, right? You don’t envision Black Widow or Wonder Woman swimming laps, but have you noticed that superheroes always seem to rescue people from the water effortlessly? Besides, it’s summertime, so, take advantage of the warm weather and the delicious sun while you can! Swim laps. Take swimming lessons if you must. Not only does swimming train muscles you don’t normally use, but it has the benefit of giving your joints a break while helping stretch out the body.


And if you want to “hulk” it up, here’s a helpful BONUS TIP: take Svêlo to enhance your workout efforts. You may be an everyday Bruce Banner, but we guarantee that Svêlo will help transform your body into something “incredible.” Not only will Svêlo curb your cravings and boost your metabolism, but it will provide the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain the body you want. People might start to wonder if you were bitten by a radioactive spider or crash-landed from another planet, but you’ll know the truth: Svêlo just works. Buy a bag HERE and get started on your superhero workout today!

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